Veterinary Technician

Ming-Ming moved to Toronto to pursue a degree at the University of Toronto, and has now completed her Bachelors of Science in Zoology. With aspirations to pursue her Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, she is currently absorbing veterinary knowledge with Dr. Vlad and his team as an animal care attendant and veterinary technician.

Ming-Ming loves all animals whether furry, feathery, slimy or scaly. She shares her life with her partner-in-crime, a Husky-mix named “Riley”, one of Dr. Stefanescu’s “mulch” kittens, “Eva”, and her newest addition “Wall-e”.

Home life involves playing video games, “Google”-ing everything, photography, watching horror movies, going on adventures with “Riley”, training Eva to be an “adventure cat” and being all-around silly with her zoo

Downtown Animal Hospital
Yonge Street Pet Hospital
Yonge Street Pet Hospital